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Sound-In Event - 'Robots!' February 4-6, 2016

Kavin Allenson
(Don't Shoot Me I'm Only) Robbie the Robot Piano Player

Roberto Adrin

SI Ens1

Steve Layton
Border Run 

Norbert Oldani x 2, Chris Vaisvil, Roger Sundström, James Bailey (mix Steve Layton)

Showdown at Toy Corral

Andrew McCance, Carla J. Patterson, Shane Cadman x 2, Roger Sundström x 2, James Bailey (mix Steve Layton)

The Unfulfillment Center

Bill Newbold, Roger Sundström x 2, Paul Mimlitsch (mix Steve Layton)

Industrial Weather

Paul Muller (mix Steve Layton)

The Loneliest Dalek

Bill Newbold, Chris Vaisvil, Paul Mimlitsch, Bruce Hamilton (mix Steve Layton)

Chris Vaisvil

Vocoded Three Laws of Robotics by Issac Asimov

The Naked Sun composed and performed by R Daneel Olivaw

The Horror of the Flesh Fair

Bruce Hamilton


Jim Goodin

formations/side of the road

Frozen Wall

Norbert Oldani
Snow Covers All
The Church of the Holy Family

James Bailey
Three Laws

Marvin's Lament

Carla Cryptic
If I Come to You
My Robot Calls My Name

Shane W. Cadman
Piece020516 Version 2

Andrew McCance
IF-SIN 05-02-2016 (No Mastering)
IF - SIN 05-02-2016 (Warm Tape Mastering)

Bill Newbold
from the movie and live performance remixed
first 3m33s of a long construction of sound

keynote sauce 1

keynotes sauce 2

Mashup 1 - erah and formations side of the road 

(Feat. Jim Goodin x2 layers and Bruce Hamilton x4 series)

Paul Mimlitsch



Roger "ErocNet" Sundström
Tone Agent Clone
Sync My A#

Paul H. Muller
Industry V

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Jim Goodin replied to Paul H. Muller's discussion Sound-In February 4-6, 2016 "Robots"
"Paul forth sounds like a set if uilleann pipes are in the background echoing your horn.  Neat piece."
J.C. Combs added a discussion to the group SI Music Vault (Weekly Program Archive)
Chris Vaisvil replied to Paul H. Muller's discussion Sound-In February 4-6, 2016 "Robots"
"Thank you Jim. It was played but this version is speeded up by ~500 times to make it more robotic. See my blog or Facebook page for the original."
Chris Vaisvil replied to Paul H. Muller's discussion Sound-In February 4-6, 2016 "Robots"



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