A 'Good' ImprovFriday from the World of Sound-In, Friday, March 25, 2016

And yes it's a 'Good' Friday on ImprovFriday.  Join in for the next 24 hours or so and let your muse spring forth...

From a Google search for an image I found this piece painted in 1913 by the Russian artist Wassily Kadinsky titled 'Improvisation, Deluge' so though these events are themeless maybe that can be the inspiration of would be a great theme I think!  Cheers and welcome everyone, Jim

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I really like where you start out Paul - so rich sounding.

A Short Interlude  by Chris Vaisvil

Chris welcome.  Glad you made it.  Your piece names are always intriguing as is this one as well as the image, sound.  Patch on the first piece is really unusual and the second is like a journey kind of like Steve often says of me traveling in shape.

Thank you very much Jim for the comments and like! I have to listen to everyone else.

I can hear what you ment before with my track Chris :-) Here you have something similar, nice track by the way.

Ken Ficara

...and they were instant with loud voices...

A Good Friday experiment, playing harmonica through a Korg Minilogue (from which experiment I conclude that the Moogs are much better for processing external sounds). 

The title comes from Herod's attempt to let Jesus go, since he hadn't apparently committed any crime. The mob thought otherwise (and they didn't even have Twitter to help them along).

And he said to them the third time, Why, what evil hath he done? I have found no cause of death in him: I will therefore chastise him, and let him go.

And they were instant with loud voices, requiring that he might be crucified. And the voices of them and of the chief priests prevailed."

-- Luke 23:22-23

Can anyone help me understand what I have to do to get my Soundcloud tracks to work with the player??? I have enabled downloading, etc. It never seems to work anymore so I assume I'm doing something dumb. Thank you!


The player only recognizes files with .mp3 extensions.  SoundCloud uses another format.  If you have Dropbox you can place the .mp3 file into the Public folder and set a link to that.

Ken hey and glad you could make the event.  I know it's frustrating but the stream content, even if downloadable will not work with this native player.  It has to be a mp3 file and what works best is using the public folder of Dropbox however it's important if you do that not to choose the Share option but you either right click on that file in the public folder and choose Copy Link or if Mac, Control Click and copy address or link, not the save as option but copy link, then paste that in to the event thread in your post using the Link option on the forum toolbar.

Alternatively which is what I use more than not is having them in Alonetone which is a site I like and then doing the same thing.  I think but not certain you can use Box.net in similar fashion for accessing but in short it has to be the address link to an mp3 file for the player to accept it.

If you don;'t have Dropbox alternatively I can download the file from SC for you and host in my DB or AT.

Thanks -- using Dropbox the way I usually do to share files, I get a link like https://www.dropbox.com/s/wizxaq1locnund2/kenficara-si20160325.mp3?... which the player doesn't seem to recognize as an MP3 file. 

I just tossed it onto my web site and that seemed to work once I took the rel="nofollow" and target="_blank" attributes off the link. Thanks for the help -- I got up early today so I'm going to crash and listen tomorrow. Maybe see you sometime soon at Geido?

Ken okay - I guess it's the add'l parameters.  I thought it was the stream or possibly m4a which normally comes up if someone shares from Soundcloud mobile.

Def'ly re Geido.  It's been on my mind to re-connect with you for coffee or dinner.  I'll reach out soon.  This is pretty neat process on your harmonica btw.  Like going through a cave and the light is shining the way :)


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