A 'Good' ImprovFriday from the World of Sound-In, Friday, March 25, 2016

And yes it's a 'Good' Friday on ImprovFriday.  Join in for the next 24 hours or so and let your muse spring forth...

From a Google search for an image I found this piece painted in 1913 by the Russian artist Wassily Kadinsky titled 'Improvisation, Deluge' so though these events are themeless maybe that can be the inspiration of would be a great theme I think!  Cheers and welcome everyone, Jim

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try uploading to alonetone.com

soundcloud is obsessed with itself.

I'm just reading this from your original post.  I had forgotten that from the Biblical verses - interesting about Harod, that he was pressured in to it.

Ken - Pilate was the Roman Governor of Palestine who wanted to let Jesus go.  Herod was the Jewish puppet governor of Galilee - the region where Jesus was from. Everyone was in Jerusalem for the Passover and so Pilate had sent Jesus to Herod for interrogation before passing judgement as a courtesy - Jesus was, after all, from Herod's jurisdiction.- and this act of recognition became the basis of a political friendship between Pilate and Herod.  Anyway, the crowd - cheered on by the temple priests who were probably collaborating with Pilate and the Romans - prevailed on Pilate to authorize the crucifixion.   Lot of political intrigue going on :)

Ken Ficara

...and they were instant with loud voices...

Thanks to Paul and Jim for cluing me on how the player works. 

And thanks to another friend for pointing out that it was Pilate, not Herod, at whom the crowd was howling. 

Peter welcome to Sound-In and the ImprovFriday event!  I recall your Max work from when Paul and I featured you a few years back and glad you are still working with.  The interplay between the pong like tones and the Cheeh Chong like dialog particularly as one slows and the other speeds/rises in pitch goes to interesting places.

thanks, Jim, nice to see you again. Hope my piece helps out!


chiltin cirkit

A recording test with Apple Music Memos.

Hey Kavin welcome.  Is this done with the iPhone/iPad Voice Memos?  Like your steel tones and the segue to that.

No Jim using Music Memos, apple's free app, but it can also add bass and drums to a recording. Good for saving music ideas on the fly.

Hi Kavin, this is great thanks for the tip on the app, downloading it now. I was too late to comment on one of your recent postings of your live band but wanted to say you guys sound great I wish you lived near me because I would love to have someone to create with that has the same musical leanings.

Listening/lurking again this week, love what everyone is creating, the best part is learning about the apps you all are using, I feel like I am getting smarter every week ;)


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