An Improv Friday Saturday from Sound-In for August 26-27

Hello and welcome to an ImprovFriday and Saturday.  The online audio creation event in the spirit of New Music that began a few years ago with the idea of it's founder, J.C. Combs.  The music created by musicians who been drawn to this event consistently for all those years, is made in the spirit of Creative Commons with simply putting the music out there and letting it go.  ImprovFriday is a child of the bi-weekly Sound-In.  Join us and participate!

I am an starting this with Jim Goodin's Message from two weeks ago being a fine way to start off this event.  These images in motion are fractal works I have done and blended into a gif.

The song below is something I am planning to take apart and work with tonite I can post the midi file too...

Bill Newbold


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Glenn Smith


It's been a while since I've done one of these. I improvised this to the gif and then stretched it out a bit. Figure it might make a good foundation for a mashup.

Hey everybody! Glenn's back! Yeehaw!!!

Welcome back!


Norbert Oldani

Bright Sounds Add to the Light of the Night

(" Bright Sounds Add to the Light of the Night " is my music setting of  Lidia Strange's night photo.  The setting is via Motif, Reason-Record and Kyma .)

valet parking by Chris Vaisvil

Bill Newbold

five x thoughts 1 a

five x thoughts 1 b

five x thoughts 1 c

Here these are the three parts a b and c that were used to make final 

five x thoughts 1 shown in the introduction to this week.

Glenn this work as improvised to the gif I can see where you went with it.

I think it would work well in a mix. 

Norbert .. I am liking the changes that you used for the transitions they are most bright as you say.

Chris the work is very mellow.  I am liking the what is off the normal octave breakdown and as have half's between the normal octave.  The notes are distinct enough to notice that they are more then on purpose but part of the whole work.

Thank you Bill. 22 notes per octave is a nice tuning with many new but still comfortable sounding harmonies.

Shane W. Cadman


Made on the Korg Triton. Slowing things down a bit.

Thanks for getting things going Bill!

Benjamin Smith


Paul Mimlitsch


Steve Layton

Added Mantra


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