An Improv Friday Saturday from Sound-In for August 26-27

Hello and welcome to an ImprovFriday and Saturday.  The online audio creation event in the spirit of New Music that began a few years ago with the idea of it's founder, J.C. Combs.  The music created by musicians who been drawn to this event consistently for all those years, is made in the spirit of Creative Commons with simply putting the music out there and letting it go.  ImprovFriday is a child of the bi-weekly Sound-In.  Join us and participate!

I am an starting this with Jim Goodin's Message from two weeks ago being a fine way to start off this event.  These images in motion are fractal works I have done and blended into a gif.

The song below is something I am planning to take apart and work with tonite I can post the midi file too...

Bill Newbold


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time to close..

I did the front page .. and well there are these link to song problems that sometimes work sometimes does not ... I don't know what is going on there ??  the original second update had linkage problems at first then It fixed itself when I ... went to update then after the update it was broken links to another page again..  If someone can help out and solve this thank you ... And let me know for future frontpage postings what was needed ?  I had just copied from one screen and webpage to the edit frontpage screen and webpage?  

Great work fellow improvisers - until next week and I just can't wait..I might post some in the sounds of sound in at on facebook

Bill thanks so very much for hosting this weekend.  I'll look at the page and see if I can correct if someone has not already done so.  I appreciate you, Chris, Kavin, Shane in picking up the baton when I fall behind in the alt-IF weekends which of late I've been doing.  Anyhow great job and kudos to all on all the work made this weekend!

IF you can get it fixed somehow :)  then we should post the list to the archives but the list still seems broken now.. maybe I just need to refresh the page loading..yeah - it is not working even on a firefox browser surf in.. IDK seems the second post I made to the list was different from the first post to the list not sure why.. but the jPlayer Jukebox does not play those second updated songs...

Bill I got it.  It was a property in the <A href > area, a class hook point to a javascript I believe.  When I took those out everything fell in to place.  I also created the Playlist Archive so all is good.  When you have a moment pub the archive on the Sounds of SI page.  I can a little later.  May main channel of internet right now is work and FB is blocked here.  I can do it a little later when I get around the FW.  Okay man all good.  Thanks again for hosting.


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