An ImprovFriday from Sound-In for January 27 - 28, 2017

Well here we are again and I almost forgot! Thinking it was the Sound-In event weekend.  Thanks to J.C. our fearless leader and founder for pointing the way and without further ado welcome to another ImprovFriday, a two day New Music event that we all gather around the virtual tether of the net of this community to offer up each of our spontaneous musical muses.  Come one come all to our circle which never ends...


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Jim Goodin


So guess I'll be first to post since I haven't announced the event yet :)  Continuing to work with MAX like programming environment Pure Data.  Been doing some midi stuff this week and using really old 80's FM Yamaha synths (Norbert you know these :) ), this one the FB01 module.  The beat in this is somewhat sequenced, written as an external module patch in C which was from a tutorial by Rafael Hernandez.  I followed series last few days, completed the program and then added a couple other voices to it and feels like Steely Dan :)

Paul H. Muller
New Hope - 3

Feeling a bit more hopeful this week...

More stretched music for strings...


Bill Newbold


the first song.. I from Wednesday the second one from Tuesday.  Two separate blog entries here - the blog posts  - I did a lot on those two days such that these are the more produced and mixed songs from those days. 

Benjamin Smith


Paul Mimlitsch

- bass clarinet (acoustic)

Shane W. Cadman


Some electric bass for you.

The Academy Awards take place Feb 26 this year and we traditionally have held our own Sound-In Film Festival during the event of that weekend.  Here's how to participate:

  • Create Your Own Video
  • Add Original Sound Track
  • Upload to YouTube or other Platform
  • Post in the Event Thread (use the media link button)

Participation is optional - we will have a regular event otherwise.

Be sure to get permission to use any copyrighted or non-original materials.

No prizes or awards given out (lack of budget) - but there are bragging rights!

Bill Newbold will lead the way - but it is always fun at any level.

The Time to Plan and Get Started is Now!

hehe I did not know my lead was so serious but fun is a must...

So to "embed" a video or post from a youtube upload one needs to copy the embed code in the share section so click share and then click embed and copy the code... then come here with that in the buffer or temporary memory of you computer... and click the little film icon it will then put a window up for you to paste this code into... :) this particular work I had to do that but I also used the youtube video editor and creator for making this video it is a "fun" editor with lots of preprogrammed filters to change the colors of everything --- like - say thermal temperature filter for neat color things...

This video was where I took some seran wrap paper and filmed thru the seran wrap... then used the heat color filter. and added music as well. easy but effective and fun... :)  there is also the text tool and the slow motion tools there...   all on youtube.

this video is the frost layer on the windshield of the car I was driving as it defrosted :)


conundrum for guitar and cholestrol

Thanks for doing this, Jim!

In the Land of Celetes

Free played Midi piece using Pure Data patch and TX81Z FM module.

submariner tuned violas by Chris Vaisvil


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