It's Friday and time for an 'improv'Friday.  Come join in for the next 24 hours or so and post your spontaneous musics under our Creative Commons spirit and community.  Tapes rolling...

love this pic, made by Peter Thörn...

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Jim Goodin


Did this earlier this week.  It will be going on my RPM release I believe.

Enjoyed that. 

Carla thank you.


Got an Akai MPKmini mkII last weekend and broke it in making this piece - solo bassoon, solo flute, and two arpeggiated synth tracks which I tweaked to my liking.  Love how it turned out - just wish there were more of it!  Started with the two synth tracks, added the bassoon, and then, finally, the flute.  Each track was an improvisation on the spur of the moment - then I played it back while I painted the mandala. 

Carla I'll convert your piece to MP3 and host so the player will work with it here.

Sorry, Jim - thought I had converted it - must have uploaded the wrong one! 

Carla it's okay I had room to host on DB though if need be can pub on Alonetone.  Figured you were working off the iPad Soundcloud app and due to Apple control and MP3 is not an option and the Ning stream player will only recognize MP3 format.  So I got it done.  Nice piece and your art as well.


Attack at Ardabilak

Hi Jim and all!

Some improvisising with stock Logic instruments.

Bill Newbold

eponds 1b

this is a mix-out of eponds 1.  A song I did probably yesterday although it might be the day before.. I have selected just the first 4 or so minutes of the 25+ minute song found here...

the original source is here.

an older fractal image from long ago like an event horizon almost.. 

does posting this way work or should I go for less information?

peace out


Excellent graphics! I'm afraid my cat and I voted to watch interstellar- perhaps I can add in the morning before. Jim closes shop.
Bill I agree as well as space and tones eponds.

Chris take your time. I have some distractions with another project today and won't be watching the hour that close.

HaHa Chris I just caught the humor in your words about your cat and you... pretty cute.  Glad you did a piece though.


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