An ImprovFriday from Sound-In, Fri/Sat, April 22-23, 2016

Well it's time for another ImprovFriday from the Sound-In community.  On the post to Thursday's sad news about the death of 80/90's pop star and songwriter of a range of gems, the artist known as Prince.  Such a a sad sobering year of musical losses that seems to know no end and another.  Perhaps some sounds can be for him this event though no theme and open to wherever the creative whims go.  Create...



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Kavin welcome to the event - glad the site came back in time.  Think Miles influenced you all around in both these - patches are great, lot's of haunts in your lines on both.


sketches of pain

Saw that movie Miles Ahead last night, which was great, so took up Thumbjam app with the muted trumpet voice, of course. Sorry for the obvious title.

Ken Ficara

The Silence Of a Permanent Scream

A little rushed thanks to some technical problems and work priorities. Glad the site is back! Treated harmonica and an OP-1 rhythm track. 

Ken excellent, glad you could take my lead and join us with a piece which on hearing I think would mix rather well with Kavin's. pedal steel piece above, hummm...

Kavin. & Ken Ficara

Subterrain Scream (remix)

And with that in mind just mixed Subterrain Plain and Underlying Thought by Kavin and Ken's The Silence of a Permanent Scream.  Good stuff both of you and I like it together!

Nicely done, Jim!

whoa! creepy!

Return of Roscoe Slate

a slide piece and a return to experimenting with the piece of slate rock that I used the core of the RPM release I did in February.

Ask For It (over the ridge) by Chris Vaisvil

Chris this piece was neat - kind of Gil Scott Heron like, maybe you were thinking of Prince?  I like the etching on the image.

Bill Newbold & Paul Mimlitsch

All Around Me (remix by Jim Goodin)

as alluded I thought Bill's On the Grid and Paul's first soprano clarinet pieces went together interestingly.

thank you very very interesting ... I am enjoying the clarinet.  thanks for the include... --


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