An ImprovFriday from Sound-In, Fri/Sat, April 22-23, 2016

Well it's time for another ImprovFriday from the Sound-In community.  On the post to Thursday's sad news about the death of 80/90's pop star and songwriter of a range of gems, the artist known as Prince.  Such a a sad sobering year of musical losses that seems to know no end and another.  Perhaps some sounds can be for him this event though no theme and open to wherever the creative whims go.  Create...



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Jamie Goodin


n'an8Bit (remix by Jim Goodin)

First up meet my older son Jamie.  He has a huge video gamer history with particular love for much of the early Nintendo world.  Last year he hosted a radio show at his college on game music and this year he's recently been trying his hand at some composition to me in the spirit of that pieriod.  The first piece is a short sample he sent me, the second is a remxi/edit I made of the first piece another piece he sent me earlier in the week.  He is open to anyone who wants to remix/mash these in the event, Bill I seem to think you might!

so very 8Bit... I liking this... second ones what might be abstract filler for that time or this time.  

maybe cut those out and work them into something new?  was that your remix with the filler Jim?  

I should have a post going up in a moment from stuff done just now.

Bill thanks.  The second mix I put together from the first link and another ver J sent me.  From his drum samples he made I stretched and reversed to create the underlying sweeps to try to fatten out the piece a bit.  It's a new venture for him to explore and I'm kind of jazzed about it as 'the old man' oughta be about his off-spring :)

Cool stuff! 

Bill Newbold

Loosing my thumb again

Loosing my thumb part 2

On the grid mixed music on the grid

the first two songs are workings from the thumbjam app

the third is the soundgrid app.. both I have edits in audacity

some new stuff in edited working is becoming ready...

Bill this stream of pieces is neat particularly as your lines I think the second thumb piece get loser in your processing with the thumbjam app.  Your On the Grid would mix interesting with Paul Mimlitsch's first soprano clarinet and interactive piece so since I'm leaving this open maybe I will :)

out of theme...

a little improvisation on Birgit Zartls Poem

Toxic 8

how satisfying
to remove all toxic waste
I have from you
gone forever

you still have a life
an old sad boring life
that I don't want to know about

you're toxic
I'm a scar


I loaded it up on soundcloud and here, but I'm not sure, that you can see it...


Christiane I downloaded and hosted your track in my dropbox so it will stream on the front page and archive properly.  Nice playful sobering interpretation that has seen nice remixing this event.  Pretty cool.

The Toxic Waste and The Scar

thank you very much, dear Jim

Bill Newbold

Jamie_Goodin_Christiane_Offenbar mashed and mixed

the space portal to everywhere 1 - 3:22 min excerpt -

Looking at the ImprovFriday posts It is almost like I am surrounded by the other two posts.. I do not want to spam I know how annoying that gets.. but just finishing up the new works now.

I was going to add that space portal sound to the Jamie Christiane mix but then listening to them without that in there it did sound better ... ---

this part of the post below has the option to listen to the space portal works though I will be listening to these I do not expect them to be put on the front page ... or that they will have many listens as --- not everyone likes the deep space portal openings --- 

Peace sauce ..


Paul Mimlitsch



- a couple short Paetzold contrabass recorder/ echobode improvs.....


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