An ImprovFridaySaturday from Sound-In for August 12-13, 2016

Hello and welcome to an ImprovFriday and Saturday.  The online audio creation event in the spirit of New Music that began a few years ago with the idea of it's founder, J.C. Combs.  The music created by musicians who been drawn to this event consistently for all those years, is made in the spirit of Creative Commons with simply putting the music out there and letting it go.  ImprovFriday is a child of the bi-weekly Sound-In.  Join us and participate!

Your host

Jim Goodin

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Bill Newbold, Jim Goodin, Roger Sundström, Shane Cadman (mix Steve Layton)
Saw You By Porchlight

all that we hold dear

Shane Cadman bass and Chris Vaisvil guitar => hope you don't mind Shane.

To forget these things would be to lose all hope, all beauty, all that we hold dear

Chris this is really nice. Great sustain in your guitar. Goes together well.

Pretty great duet, Chris. (and Shane!)

Chris Vaisvil, Roger Sundström x 3, Bill Newbold (mix Steve Layton)
I Can't Even Remember Whose Party This Is

but can you dance?

several lose end improvs captured in Loopy and kept in a desire to make it work.  Then added a canned beat and some twisting in final production.

Benjamin Smith


Just got front page complete - please let me know if errors or if I missed you.  Great pieces everyone.

Ken Ficara

Friday Evening, Waiting for the Storm

Less abstract than most of my stuff -- random 12-bar sequencer riff, Moog imp;rovisation, undecided drum track. Recorded last night as the sky turned dark early. Mistakes left in; this will probably become a song at some point. 

Transformed by Bill Newbold (midi), realization (Korg MS2000) Chris Vaisvil

the original MS2K synth files are here

thanks Chris for including me... listening now.. is cool 00

Thank you for the midi!!


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