An ImprovFridaySaturday from Sound-In for August 12-13, 2016

Hello and welcome to an ImprovFriday and Saturday.  The online audio creation event in the spirit of New Music that began a few years ago with the idea of it's founder, J.C. Combs.  The music created by musicians who been drawn to this event consistently for all those years, is made in the spirit of Creative Commons with simply putting the music out there and letting it go.  ImprovFriday is a child of the bi-weekly Sound-In.  Join us and participate!

Your host

Jim Goodin

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Jim Goodin


A piece made this evening on fretless guitar, iOS AudioEfx Dub and Loopy HD.

Bill Newbold

Ledgish-1 13:41min

This song and image are from a set of images that were posted together at this blog on the August 9th 2016 here =

The song is rendered into midi then recreated with the musescore 2 program then mixed back into the source the was originally made with the recorded midi and supernova II and microkorg XL. Here, these were the results of performance programming in the A100 series of ten performance patterns.

I am creating new music now.  and as well broadcasting the audio and visuals into my youtube account here...

I am able to do live chat in this ^ live channel while it is live. :)

And I know it is kinda late at nite so the video made I will post here when finished with the broadcast.

Bill Newbold



two semi ambient pieces that are... interesting I guess... 000

the first was make on the fourth of august 2016 I don't think I posted it last week?  

but the second I made tonight here with thoughts untold 1 that is longer and at the blog site.


In an aside to this post I have found people saying ... like when I performed last Wednesday at Sam Ash music store... that my music is the "odd one out"  sort of like when we were kids and had the four images in boxes and all were "normal" then there was the fourth image that just did not fit... I have found we all are, at times, in that fourth image.  The one that does not fit..  even still - this is how I make my music.  In the fourth box the one that does not fit into any category and or type of .. commonality to it of any kind.

Peace out everyone..

The Complex Plane by Chris Vaisvil

Bill Newbold

number three of five - 14:47

In this the above "song" is work done this morning....  it is just the third part of the five part series and then the five parts are mixed together into the final work... 7 x   found on the blog... the latest post...

this third song is better then the others for my tastes and what I have done this morning...


Chris I like the complex plane but you really can't compare i and the imaginary world to z because in the funtions when i is multiplied by i the answer is -1 where it would switch planes ---  I think there is an accommodation for this problem in the programmed functions in fractals but still we would like to consider the value or changes in values of the shades of the image as a definable variable as well... :)  and then with the element of time we would have motion .. maybe with a cusp each time there is a z squared or so forth.. :)

I have been working with letting X equal negative X and this is solved only by the number zero -- but in limits ... and opposite values of zero as negative positive and null zeros...IDK if that will make sense yet... but it is all good.

Although this morning I went further and broke new ground with fourth dimensional time equations have to place time, in a power function ... where the power is imaginary so we are.. at a similar cusp in time/space mainly ///

As things like this or that.

Paul H. Muller

Monochrome 5a

Image result for monochrome

Another version from the Monochrome series - indeterminate music sequenced by weather patterns.

Shane W. Cadman


An electric bass improv for you. Thanks for hosting, Jim!

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

Delta String

Improvising sounds on fretless guitar.

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

Sub Delta

Sub Delta II

Soundscaping from fretless guitar

Roger "ErocNet" SUndström


Improvising on drum is fun :-)

Everyone.. thanks for coming out and participating.  Listening to low in my work day so not the most focused but hearing lotta good stuff.

Bill Newbold


this image reminds me of an iris flower.. and here is new music from tonight...

above are the source file and then the song made from the source file..... the source file is the smaller sized file... I was going to distort the timing going on .. maybe later --- ? 


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