Annual Sound-In Film Festival - February 23 - 25, 2017

Welcome to the Sound-In Film Festival!

Here's how to participate:

  • Create Your Own Video
  • Add Original Sound Track
  • Upload to YouTube or other Platform
  • Post in the Event Thread (use the media link button)

Participation is optional - we will have a regular event otherwise.
Be sure to get permission to use any copyrighted or non-original materials.
No prizes or awards given out (lack of budget) - but there are bragging rights!

Looking forward to a great event!

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I love pancakes!

Paul that's funny visual but works very well with the music, the cadence.  I agree with Kavin, love em - you have iHops in LA I think :)

I made this from a GIF and freeware that converted to a video.  Just added the music and good to go :)  Yeah, there is an I Hop a few blocks away.  Nobody doesn't like pancakes!  

mmmmm belly

Bill Newbold 

from last week the Steve Layton mix of ---  --Blaggard's Processional with Roger Sundström, - Bill Newbold x 2, Bruce Hamilton (mix Steve Layton) ///

this is made with winamp and milkdrop 2.5c  and played full screen and screen captured and recorded into a mp4 with open broadcast studio ===  with me changing the sequences in milkdrop -- randomly --

no big secret but it works for neat video stuff --- there are ways to have greater control of over everything I guess.

Bill that is some great animation in your imagery, a lot of nice pattern resolves to the next.  Good track from last week.

A new Breaking Light track, over a video of some liquid projections done by my lovely compadre, Linda Little, at the Sound+Vision mashup show at the Grackle Art Gallery last weekend, I hope to do another video later with more from that show.

Kavin Linda's imagery bares feelings of everything from under a microscope to surgerical to like lava lamp effects to like oil on water kind of thing.  Fluid and lucid is what I want to say for some reason.  Your familiar tones are equally moving through the feel of something water like.  Good piece.

Shane W. Cadman


Another bass improv. I'll post my film entry soon.

Shane W. Cadman - "The Fatal Moment"

o da humanity!


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