Event ImprovFridaySaturday from the Sound-In New Music community - March 10 - 11, 2017

We Are New Music...

Running behind but welcome to another ImprovFridaySaturday from the Sound-In New Music community.  I'm proposing an optional theme of 'simplicity' but as always that is indeed optional.  Welcome and let's get started.


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Jim Goodin

if (chance)

oud and Pure Data looping

Paul H. Muller

Ides of March 2017 -1

More stretched ambient music.  This is in the key of C and was created using random selection of the segments.  Trying some weather-driven selections now at

I am not going to be able to post MP3 downloadable songs,.. cause I just put the 8core desktop in the shop with the power supply exploded and dead,..

I do have the iPad and can upload easily to SoundCloud from garage band on this,.. posts are a handheld finger poker game,..but garage band app links's every sound creation app together,..

Any way. There is the other song too..

I don't have the menu strip with the media embedding buttons but I just hope that this works,.. if not I should be able to delete it,.. I think..

Bill make your trax in Soundcloud downloadable if they are not.  I will download and host on either Alonetone or Dropbox so they can be in the front page stream when I get time to do that, probably later tonight.

Thanks,.. I can put them on the google drive,.. give a link to it SoundCloud seems to convert all things to MP4 or something apple formats so the google drive doesn't... I will try that,..

James Bailey

Those who know the acronym will know the reason for the title. Plain old tenor sax; sometimes a little more than simple playing, but I can get carried away.

Thought I'd try to get at least one more in before Dropbox drops the ax on the "Public" folder on the Ides and I have to start thinking of other options. Open to reasonable suggestions.

Plain old tenor works James.  Alonetone is a good option re hosted Mp3.  Several of us use it.


simple strat

Shane W. Cadman


More bass for you. Thanks for getting this going, Jim!

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström


Roger "ErocNet" Sundström


Free form on the piano...


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