Event ImprovFridaySaturday from the Sound-In New Music community - March 10 - 11, 2017

We Are New Music...

Running behind but welcome to another ImprovFridaySaturday from the Sound-In New Music community.  I'm proposing an optional theme of 'simplicity' but as always that is indeed optional.  Welcome and let's get started.


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Bill Newbold

I love you more

wilson in garage 2

like sickening 02

here these two links get you to first "I love you more 3-6-17" and then the next link is to "Wilson in garage 2"

the second one is the Wilson Microtonal app played thru garage band app.. it is kinda long but it is what I believe is the stretch out // slowed tempo down of Wilson in garage the first song.  the third song is called "like sickening 02"  these title I know are very different in what they imply but the songs are mostly the same --- for me at least --- in that they use echo and reverb too much at times.

I am at work using the work computer and it does not have audacity for converting files :( so I have posted them to google drive.  -- thanks Jim for the transfer and hosting -- I can't get them to mp3 format conversion - so finding a host is almost impossible beyond soundcloud. --

love the exo planet!

Paul Mimlitsch
"tis a pretty tune...."

- bass clarinet (acoustic)

Micronation by Chris Vaisvil

Micronation is an audio experiment where I took a ~30 seconds of aeolian harp captured during a high wind event and used Melodyne to determine each of four root notes by frequency. [The strings were tuned justly by ear but drift after several hours exposure to the elements outside, especially due to temperature changes] Then I used Paul’s Extreme Sound Stretch to isolation each vertical harmonic structure based upon the roots determined by Melodyne (10 marmonics high by 25 cents wide)and exporting the four files. Then I used Sonar to sequence the exported wav files and applied reverb, EQ, and tape simulation. The experimentally determined roots are 92 Hz, 118 Hz[59/46], 140 Hz[35/23], and 184 Hz [ 2/1 the octave of 92].

This was inventive and great Chris.  Glad harp is still talking with mama nature!

Paul Mimlitsch

- guitar/ ebow/ pedals

Out of Time by Chris Vaisvil

Chris Vaisvil, Roger Sundström, James Bailey, Kavin Allenson (mix Steve Layton)
Lambs and Lions

glad to be a part of this!


same lap steel recorded pieces used in Bell Tolls but mixed differently.  I'm using a sampler/looper which I wrote in Pure Data that I've spoken about along the way.  There are a few ways to get Pure Data patches in to an Iphone or Android.  One of them I just recently began experimenting with is MobMuPlat by Daniel Iglasia.  His app hosts a PD patch and lets you design a GUI to control it which is done in a computer based editor he authored.  I got the mobile part going this week and this is the GUI screen.  Still tweaking but works pretty well.

Excellent this reminds me of a cabbage plugin,..just it was a 2 source input,..

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström



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