From Sound-In, an ImprovFridaySaturday from Sound-In, July 1-2, 2016

Welcome my friends to the show of an ImprovFridaySaturday creating tones of 'new music' to kick off the month of July.  After the Solstice, on the cusp of our independence here in the States and the launch in to the last 6 months of 2016.  Let us roll tape!

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Christiane Offenbar, Chris Vaisvil (mix Steve Layton)

My Left Foot

I like it!

Paul Mimlitsch

"bc bells ari"

Paul Mimlitsch x 2, Shane Cadman (mix Steve Layton)
The Couple

Bill Newbold


this is a cut out of a longer song only 3 minutes of a nine minute song  -  it ends abruptly ---  The whole piece is found here.  

an image of fractals blended together.

Jim Goodin


Hi everyone and thanks so much for coming along.  I haven't had a chance to put anything together until last night.  This is several trax of lap steel mashed and reversed at times.  Some of you knew Mike Glodo who passed away on Thur.  Man what a year so many known and unknown have departed and such a week Steve last few weeks and now Mike.  He was an interesting supportive soul I met here in NY rather NJ several years ago through his then girlfriend and friend of mine.  It was a brief meeting but remember him distinctly.  Then they parted and he moved to Illinois to take care of his mother.  From that point on he stayed in touch some mostly turning up at a series of live online shows I along with Peter THorn, Jeff Duke, Steve Moyes and Ray Istorico all did playing live to film across the world.  Mike was always there and so many supportive posts since.  Never makes sense at all just happens meaning one of us leaves our human world leaving the memories.  I can't say this is a mem piece but thinking about him.  Will try to do another later but wanted to put somehting up.

My Other Left Foot

Bill Newbold - provided midi file
Christiane Offenbar - vocal
Birgit Zartl - words
Chris - production

Got wild there, Chris! :-)

Bill Newbold

This is titled "the first eon" from the eons of time series,..there are a few works from the same group,,, the first eon,,, just recorded but not uploaded,.. When I get back to my desktop I can upload them at my blog,

Ken Ficara

Refuse to Climb

A guitar + Kaoss Pad loop, with harmonica improv. The photo is from Fresh Kills Park on Staten Island, which is built on top of what was New York City's last landfill. On top of fifty years of garbage they built a park, and now you can climb to the top of your refuse.

Out West

Another one single improv on lap steel.  Neat thing was done with audio processing in Pure Data and figured out how to record within the module so that was a gain.  I haven't yet done the front page and sorry for that but will soon.  Thanks again everyone for turning out.  I'll leave the event open till 9pm EST this evening.


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