From Sound-In, an ImprovFridaySaturday from Sound-In, July 1-2, 2016

Welcome my friends to the show of an ImprovFridaySaturday creating tones of 'new music' to kick off the month of July.  After the Solstice, on the cusp of our independence here in the States and the launch in to the last 6 months of 2016.  Let us roll tape!

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Paul H. Muller

Resolution 8

More sequenced music but this time I added an ambient background using the same pentatonic scale.  

This is a tribute to Steve Mosier I wasn't able to do last week. Just inspired by him, not trying to sound anything like him. A short for synthesizer patch. 

Benjamin Smith


Benjamin Smith (mix Steve Layton)

Riding the Echoes

Great tribute, Ben, very much some of the vibe of Steve M.'s explorations. In the same spirit as I treated Steve's stuff last week, I thought I'd make one that kind of spins yours out just a little, with 5 different versions of your tracks all coming in and out.

Excellent. Thank you, Steve. 

Nothing left but

improvisation to the poem O
by BIrgit Zartl
hand over the opium pipe
she said
or there will be nothing left
of your left foot

hand over the opium pipe
she said
or there will be nothing but
laughter and death

hand over the opium pipe
she said
and there will be nothing but
peace and love

she was lying
I still have my left foot...…615288274

hope you like it and you can find another improvisation, which sounds well together :D
thanks for taking your time


Norbert Oldani

Forest Music    ( " Forest Music " is my music setting of Guilermo Romero Pintor's photo of his artwork. The setting is via Motif and Reason and Kyma controlled my composed counterpoint. )

a confounding factor

 by Chris Vaisvil in Eagle tuning

a confounding factor in 12 equal for the less adventurous

Shane W. Cadman


Another Moshier-inspired improv.

Really nice!

Paul Mimlitsch



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