Hello fellow improvisers.  I think we have room for an IF before the big holiday weekend next week, which I will be hosting as well.  

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Paul Mimlitsch


Improv:  guitar/ eyecillators/ pedals

so pretty :) I like this.

Paul Mimlitsch


- contrabass recorder improv.

Paul Mimlitsch


Improv: guitar/ eyecillators/ pedals

Shane W. Cadman


Another guitar improv

Paul Mimlitsch


guitar/ pedals improv.

Just updated the playlist.


Tatters - Ken Ficara

I pulled out my Rolmonica, thinking that I'd do something interesting with a traditional tune, but I'd forgotten how badly out of tune the harmonica is (plus quite a few dead reeds). And most of the rolls are not in very good repair. The result was, shall we say, glitchy.

So I tried looping some variable-speed stuff with it, with the result going through the Moog MURF, a fascinating set of cycling resonant filters. Overlaid a simple harmonica line, using the same filter patch. 

If you can get a direct mp3 or wav file, it will play on the front.  

my computer is on the fritz. I can't join but will listen on my phone!  

Bill Newbold

animoog buzz bends 1

so between making turkeys at where I volunteer...number four and five as still defrosting in the sink and the other three are at about the 3 hour mark right now..  I logged in an posted something from earlier ---


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