ImprovFriday + Saturday from Sound-In, Nov 4-5 -Improvised sound works 2016

Improvised sound works.

There is no other way to say this other then what is now is new, And this week is no different but very different. We have the election here in the US we have politics across the board going on. It is more then difficult to --- break away from this profane disturbances in the force of Improvised sound works but that is the task at hand. while a politician plays in left field with all the wrong notes coming out of their mouth we will play the corrected/correct notes in a new groove of softly sliding tones. Or really whatever it is that we do so well.

This video was made earlier like a few hours ago and just uploaded now... then as the upload happened I added an older song of mine into the mix of sound there....

"This is Bill"

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Bill Newbold


Below this is a video that is produced as the results of Thursday into Friday recordings and creative elements... It does seem like I am making music everyday of the week --- woe.... something I always wanted to be able to do was broadcast music/video on a tv/youtube channel till there was no more video/music made and or invent new stuff on the fly to go out to this tv channel and woe It is happening, I have an almost 24 hr live video posted in youtube. I also would like to make / art / music / video ... constantly that is like done... check for my lifelong - bucket list.

so with a few mistakes edited off... like everything else... --- there it is

this is the link to the other songs made last nite and such that tonite I hope to have new stuff to post... for now this is all

my blog

Shane W. Cadman


SH-101 synth with processing.

OH reminds me of playing the Jupiter-6 back in ,,, so fuzzy my memory of then but it was probably 1984-1986 at Rutgers electronic music lab,,idk what happened to all those records,.. the subtraction analog stuff is awesome..

Paul H. Muller
Mostly Sunny 6

Another version of Mostly Sunny generated randomly and edited.  Another 'Messiah' quote at 3:00  

The photo is from the North Sea coast near Bremerhaven - taken by my cousin on vacation.

Paul interesting voices and rhythms continue in this Mostly Sunny series.

Paul Mimlitsch
- guitar

Woe mesmerized by the loop,..

very fluid and nicely layered or maybe this is all one layer:)

Paul Mimlitsch
"from a place where this makes sense"
- bass clarinet

A little something, improvised and edited on Garageband with a couple of preset sounds.

a little garageband something

A mix (made in Protools) of three tracks from this Sound-In event.

Cadman/Ljungdahl/Mimlitsch (mix by MaLj)

I very much enjoy being invited into your studio!


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