ImprovFriday-Saturday Sound Sketches Friday the 13th into Saturday the 14th

Friday the 13th is a day of Creative forces. The moon was full on thrusday and in the sign of Cancer. This explains things? IDK - but the theme for this Friday's Improvisations is Sound Sketches. Putting down just the framework for much larger works either created in a mash or in a later incarnation of the work. Friday the thirteenth is very profound to me as I had created many vhs videos in 6hr blocks back in the 1990's and early 2000's. Most have survived but have not been digitized.

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Bill Newbold
Bass lineless workings 1
world on fire of lights part 1

This work is a Bass line or bass sounds like bass clef stuff. It reminds me of snakefinger rifts when he was playing with the residences or the background film music form The Lathe of Heaven yet a mere sketch of a song with a need for big audio beats ... Maybe ... If I go further with the work that is where I am going.

The second work sounds like rubbing balloons together in a way that they talk to each other. It is kind of a quarky one line song.

Below is something from Thursday almost Friday ... but the most resent works I have   world 2 parts one two and three.

Paul Mimlitsch

- bass clarinet/ laptop interactiviites

Shane W. Cadman


Guitar with looper.

Have a great weekend everybody!

Paul Mimlitsch
"granular displacements"

- bass clarinet/ laptop interactivities

Paul H. Muller
Shadows On the Spirit

More stretched ambient music for an unsettled time...

Not Even Started by Chris Vaisvil

Jim Goodin


Thanks for hosting this weekend Bill.  Greetings everyone.  This is a short piece done early this morning. Fretless guitar and Loopy HD.

Miniature 404

Another fretless piece assembled in Loopy.

Just came to realize that we are always doing sound sketches,, so the theme seems to be nothing new. Anyway I am at work all day. So putting up something now is not possible but when I get home it should be no problem..and I plan to. This piece seems like a perfect example of a sound sketch!

Bill agree and look forward to what you post later.  I'm going to populate the front page now.

Thanks just made a iPad song I might try and post.. it seems there is a working attach file option.. idk.
Bill Newbold

Animoog song I just added in the attached file problem with the format because I can't seem to make it an MP3.


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