ImprovFriday-Saturday Sound Sketches Friday the 13th into Saturday the 14th

Friday the 13th is a day of Creative forces. The moon was full on thrusday and in the sign of Cancer. This explains things? IDK - but the theme for this Friday's Improvisations is Sound Sketches. Putting down just the framework for much larger works either created in a mash or in a later incarnation of the work. Friday the thirteenth is very profound to me as I had created many vhs videos in 6hr blocks back in the 1990's and early 2000's. Most have survived but have not been digitized.

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Back home early cause of snow ----

James Bailey

Itchy Sketch

Two little tenor sax things.

James glad you joined in.  Everyone I have updated the front page again and think we are current.

Thanks Jim. As it turned out, those were actually warm-ups of a sort for later in the evening. Although I wasn't scheduled to play, a friend couldn't make it to a free-improv event that I was going o, so I took along my horn with the intent of perhaps sitting in. Got there too late for that set, but another person was also absent, so things were re-jigged, and I made it into another set, which can be seen/heard - starting at about 59:00 here:

very excellent-- Thanks for posting.

James excellent re live. One of us will get archive and upload to page Jc set on FB if ok or tag him with a link.

James watching some of this now.  Really creative - you guys are quite connected.  If I can download and think I can I will edit out your section to upload to Sound-In performances.

Wow, uh yeah, if you can do that it would be most appreciated. The text on the video is probably wrong, as it's most likely the ones who were scheduled to play, so for that set it should be MJ Wright, Max McEcheran, and myself. I had never played in this context with either of those guys before, though Max is also in The Element Choir, a directed-improvisation choir that I'm with.


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