ImprovFridaySaturday from the Sound-In New Music community, Feb 10 and 11, 2017

The art of making music each week, welcome to the world of  A New Music community founded several years ago by J.C. Combs for the purpose of bringing together like minded artists working in modern experimental and new music.  This is the alt-weekend ImprovFriday event as I like to call.  Join in and bring your creative muse to the table.


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Jim Goodin

in Noise 319

piece for violin and wave tones, created live in Pure Data.  Workings of the patch shown above.

I like the glitchiness here!


Paul H. Muller
Dark Horizon

Image result for dark horizon

More stretched ambient music.  Weather has been rainy and overcast here for several days...

Nice pic Paul and your piece is rising over the horizon above the rains.  Nice feeling of dark to light in the music.

Bill Newbold



from Monday this week, I am not clear enough, to really make music and I will be laying back down in a moment.. --  feeling under the weather and such just a kind of cold that is going away , I think. 00

How did you do the little video, a fractal program? Like it.

I used this free program that renders the various preset equations that I set the parameters for. then it makes a gif of the parameters incremented --

the program is called Mandelbulb 3d this link

should have the download for you if not just search the program and it is on the net for free...

Just downloaded this - looks interesting!

Bill thanks for coming out and posting a piece.  I'm sorry you are feeling poorly but music always helps the soul.  Feel better sir.  J

Thanks Jim,

I think it is like not as bad as thrusday today... --- I am going to make some ginger tea... and hope that helps ,, --

Great music, Bill.


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