ImprovFridaySaturday from the Sound-In New Music community, Feb 10 and 11, 2017

The art of making music each week, welcome to the world of  A New Music community founded several years ago by J.C. Combs for the purpose of bringing together like minded artists working in modern experimental and new music.  This is the alt-weekend ImprovFriday event as I like to call.  Join in and bring your creative muse to the table.


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wow mostly, but nicely done with a wow! - that was a hoedown by the showdown.

Stockton Bridge by Chris Vaisvil

Winding Bridge by Chris Vaisvil

Chris these are both cool.  Like how you take Stockton Bridge from kind of garage band to the contrasting conclusion with the backwards stuff.

Winding Bridge is really FAT! Nice vibe btwn the rough and the tubular distortions.

hello! It's me JC and here is my impro.

J.C. Combs

Nice J.C. and nice surprise as I said earlier to have you pop in.  Voicings and their resolve into each new entry is neat on this.

Paul Muller, Kavin Allenson, Steve Layton, Shane Cadman (mix Steve Layton)
A Moon So Bright

Sometimes they come easy, sometimes not... this mash/mix took a good 2-3 hours, but I think I finally got it. :-)

Bill Newbold
part one b

And part one - a, b, c, d, were recorded just mostly well 'part one a'  was chipmunk ish so nix that... and -- the other two c and d were just too long ... I can chop them up ... but IDK the one eleven minute 53 second song is just fine for us... and if you watch the video or two below you might hear the others there as well..the post here is the  reference spot for these songs is here = and-we-are-standing-in-line-1 with midi posted there mmmmm and here too.



I have a lot of new things though there newness was confused with some older recordings ... mostly I guess - but by eliminating the old I am left with only new things... and such that the mixes are there but also are not in this post ... per se ... yet the videos are mostly a concept of both new and old...

I waited for the video program to develop more and OH BOY it has.. :) I think maybe the last time I used the milddrop thing was last year about this time.. and the milkdrop people have been busy so I am making milkdrop 2.5c videos again..with tweeks but they are mostly stable tweeks .. either I am learning how to tweek or they are fixing these problems I had.. ---

Benjamin Smith

Wowzers!  Quite a turnout for an altweekend ImprovFriday and complete with Steve and JC! Rocks!  Thanks all for coming out.  I'm just home from long day at the law plant and decided to get out for a run to wind out.  Finding a new balance in that particularly this winter.  Anywho look forward to listening and doing another piece or two.

J.C. Combs, Paul Mimlitsch, Benjamin Smith (mix Steve Layton)
The Beast With the Broken Heart

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström


A little piece on guitar.


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