ImprovFridaySaturday from the Sound-In New Music community, Feb 10 and 11, 2017

The art of making music each week, welcome to the world of  A New Music community founded several years ago by J.C. Combs for the purpose of bringing together like minded artists working in modern experimental and new music.  This is the alt-weekend ImprovFriday event as I like to call.  Join in and bring your creative muse to the table.


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Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

Zappy Strings

A little piece on prepared guitar.

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström


Prepared guitar with a bow.


there folds the telephone

I'm in RPM challenge mode so I'm throwing out a lot of crap to see if it sticks.

Paul Mimlitsch
"GROPUS and Tuppence go to the seashore"

- bass clarinet (acoustic)

Paul Mimlitsch
"GROPUS and Tuppence take in the sea air at Bunyon's villa"

- bass clarinet (acoustic)

Kavin Allenson, Paul Mimlitsch, Roger Sundström (mix Steve Layton)

Great mix Steve and glad Roger came to our ImprovFridaySaturday!

Dirge in 3 (Violins)

3 violins, sampled and mixed in Pure Data.

Paul Mimlitsch

- bass clarinet (acoustic)

I got a start on the front page.  Will finish during the evening and get the archive out later tonight.  Great work everyone, still time for more if you like.  I'll leave open till 9pm EST.

Everyone thanks so much for coming out and making this weekends ImprovFriday and Saturday HUGE!  27 pieces of music which had never existed before are now off on a journey in to the world which is awesome.  This is our vessel of communication, this artful process which we were all blessed to embrace in life.  Thanks for being part of SI/IF and for everyone here I believe for a number of years.  It's an amazing virtual ground of community and creativity.  That said this weekends event is now closed.  I never lock this forum partly as I really don't know where to and I personally don't mind if we leave it available for post comments but we have turned out the light for this weekends work and let it go with the light showing the way.  Okay I'm running aboard here in verbose.  That said I have updated the front page, let me know if errors and I'll build the archive shortly and post on FB.  Peace out folks!  Good rest of weekend and week to come!

Thanks for hosting Jim, and to everybody for participating. I've been busy over the past few days and am looking forward to listening to the playlist this coming week.

Jim - at the top there's an "Options" button. If you click on it, you'll see a way to close the discussion (should you want to).


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