Sound-In Event Dec 10-12, 2015 "Wrong Notes or Just in Between"

Hello everyone and welcome to a new music journey before Christmas time.

Theme this time is "Wrong Notes" or "Just in Between"

Here in Sweden we have 11°C (52ºF) and no snow where I live, very strange.

It should be -11°C and snow but we have a couple days before 2016 :-)

Fortunately we have our instruments and lots of imagination

so off we go :-)

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James Bailey x 2, J.C.Combs, Benjamin Smith, Roger Sundström, Paul Mimlitsch (mix Steve Layton)
Branches Against the Window

Late as usual ... 

Dozes In Remember - Ken Ficara

Talk about wrong notes -- roses blooming in a neighbor's front yard in the middle of December. 

The rhythm track here is a sample drum kit made of construction noises recorded outside my window last summer. Synth bass line (Teengage Engineering OP-1) and very wrong-note harmonica. 

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

Handprints (feat: Benjamin Smith, Jim Goodin, Steve Layton, Tom O'Neill, Paul Mimlitsch, Norbert Oldani, Bill Newbold, Chris Vaisvil)

Roger Sundström Objects,Homemade Instruments, Soundscapes, Livemixing
Benjamin Smith (Ben.improv.Dec.10.2015)
Jim Goodin (Michael John)
Steve Layton (Gloria)
Tom O'Neill (Tensone)
Paul Mimlitsch ("twix n tween")
Norbert Oldani (The Rider)
Bill Newbold (final results from Garage Band on Ipad)
Chris Vaisvil (Gakken SX-150 MARK II Analog Synthesizer)

Enjoyed very much - thanks for the inclusion!

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

There Were Something Wrong There Between (Feat: Ken Ficara, J.C. Combs, Paul Mimlitsch)

Here we have a mashup with following tracks

Roger Sundström Drums, Mix
Ken Ficara (Dozes In Remember)
J.C. Combs (Love Deterrent)
Paul Mimlitsch ("121015bc1","notes: sometimes, somewhat")


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