Sound-In Event Dec 10-12, 2015 "Wrong Notes or Just in Between"

Hello everyone and welcome to a new music journey before Christmas time.

Theme this time is "Wrong Notes" or "Just in Between"

Here in Sweden we have 11°C (52ºF) and no snow where I live, very strange.

It should be -11°C and snow but we have a couple days before 2016 :-)

Fortunately we have our instruments and lots of imagination

so off we go :-)

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Paul H. Muller

Taken from us too soon...

Very nice. Thanks.

indeed, very nice!

Paul H. Muller

Layer Five

Indeterminate minimalism based on a pentatonic scale, five voices over three treble staffs broken into 24 three-min segments.  Sequenced on European weather between 12-4 and 12-7.  Five of these sequences were collected and layered together with offsets to build a 32 minute piece.

I've always really liked those long, classic minimalist pieces like 'Music With Changing Parts', 'For Lou Harrison' and 'Music for 18 Musicians' that just seem to keep going and going and you don't want them to stop.  This may be the closest I've come to that...

nice pleasant sound. Positive and healing

Steve Layton


Happy warm winter, Roger, let's hope it continues! :-)  This is an improv using some patches where I detuned the proportion of the intervals on the keyboard. I set each voice differently, so that even playing one key on the keyboard, the pitches played by each voice will be different.

So very intense / I like this /  the ambient sounds underneath the melody give it a basic key almost but the out of key/pitch melody directly conflicts with this ... it is intense in that way.

It has the aural quality of bells being blown as brass in the upper register - very cool!

I really like this!

Norbert Oldani

The Rider    ( " The Rider " is my music setting of Federico Garcia Lorca's poem, "Rider's Song" along with a photo of part of Codoba found on . My setting is via Reason Record and Kyma.

From SONGS 1921 - 1926

Rider's Song

Distant and lonely.

    Black phony,  large moon,
in my saddlebag, olives.
Well as I know the roads,
I shall never reach Co'rdoba.

    Over the plain, though the wind,
black phony, red moon.
Death keeps a watch on me
from Co'rdoba's towers.

    Oh, such a long way to go !
And,oh, my spirited phony !
Ah, but death awaits me
before I ever reach Co'rdoba.

Distant and lonely.

In Spanish - Cancio'n de jinete

Leiana y sola.

    Jaca negra, luna grande,
y aceitunas en mi alforja.
Aunque sepa los caminos
yo nunca llegare' a Co'rdoba.

    Por el llano, por el veinto,
jaca negra, luna roja.
La muerte me esta' miriando
desde las torres de Co'rdoba.

!Ay! que' camino tan largo !
!Ah! mi jaca valerosa !
!Ay! que la muerte me espera, antes de llegar a Co'rdoba!

Leiana y sola.

From "Selected Verse" and translated by Alan S. Trueblood.

Nice job, Norbert! ...I've been at the far end of that bridge there :-) ...though it was sunny and HOT!

Thanks for the concern Steve. You sure do get around !


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