Welcome to this week's Sound-In Event!

Our theme this week is Sun - anything and everything solar.  So feel free to go spacey, hot or just sunny - it's all good.

Our event this week will run through Saturday into early Sunday because of the US President's Day long weekend.  We're expecting rain here so all the more reason to focus on making music about better weather!

Special Note!

The Academy Awards take place next week and we traditionally have held our own Sound-In Film Festival during that weekend.

Here's how to participate:

  • Create Your Own Video
  • Add Original Sound Track
  • Upload to YouTube or other Platform
  • Post in the Event Thread (use the media link button)

Participation is optional - we will have a regular event otherwise.
Be sure to get permission to use any copyrighted or non-original materials.
No prizes or awards given out (lack of budget) - but there are bragging rights!

Don't let the sun get in your eyes!

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Jim Goodin

First Ray

as in the Sun and on theme.  4 short loops improvised live in one of my Pure Data experiments this week.  Then I mixed the samples down.  Got a neat reverse thing working this week which is in use here.  This is kind of in reverse re my communication to hello Paul and everyone!

I am getting a sense of raw sound here...
just like the breaking down into elements ...
it seems in an opening like sketch or on the sub-surface into sound
the drum is most expressively real and in your time beat... nothing can match that but the drummer making this... also there is the presence of some kind of personality like sunshine thru the whole work...

so very well done.

edit the sounds that beat are the drumming I am talking about... I know there is not a drum used ===

Bill thanks.  Your descriptions this weekend are like Kerouac.

Steve Layton


This was made this morning, before Paul announced the theme, but since its about the Sun, I can post it up!

Keeping with my explorations of taking a number of audio tracks from the same musician/performers, and combining & transforming them... This mix combines three different tracks of Moravian folk tunes, performed by the Czech duo of Jitky Šuranské and Jiřího Plocka. The pitch material of two of the audio tracks has been converted to MIDI files and given to synthesizers; the third track ("Vyskočilo Slunéčko", "The Sun Has Risen") is audio processed through a number of different effects, all in Reason.

Creative and inventive Steve.  Sounds like a different time.

Bill Newbold
inside jvoid 3 - 02 time - 7:47

this work of music is part of a mix as well one of the five layers of song sound going on... in the song inside the jvoid 3   -

they too are found on the blog.  the other four layers and -- the final result jvoid 3 at 833 min long. ---

this video is the fial result jvoid 3 song mixed into a video here using the milkdrop 2.5c with the extra preset package.  this video starts early in the song and ends late in the song so it is not quite 8 minutes and 33 seconds...---   I really am --- excited about the film fest coming toward the end of the month ---

I have found with my images that the number of the image --- mostly random and I am usually totally unaware of the number when I take these photos -- but == the number of the photo usually has something about the image with it...   this image number  IMG_7777.jpg is most interesting synchronicity to it  it is the sun set last nite 000 thursday nite... along route 130 in probably north brunswick so there is the sun and I click and only a few out of the 10,000 photos this time were of the sun...and numbered as such. ---

peace out :)   ====   (; 

this video is the one in direct record of the song play... 

my cat liked this one Bill - he was mellow then his ears perked when you got in to some bird like sounds and I thought the mix was rather inventive with the sweeps you were doing.

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström


Roger "ErocNet" Sundström


Roger so much mystery in your pieces.  You work with patience and space in great ways, this one no less.  Nice tones, you and Kav on the acoustics this weekend.

Shane W. Cadman

Another bass improv. I think this fits the theme.

Shane lovely.  Like your mid-range to upper tones on this bass, that nice baritone quality.


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