Welcome to this week's Sound-In Event!

Our theme this week is Sun - anything and everything solar.  So feel free to go spacey, hot or just sunny - it's all good.

Our event this week will run through Saturday into early Sunday because of the US President's Day long weekend.  We're expecting rain here so all the more reason to focus on making music about better weather!

Special Note!

The Academy Awards take place next week and we traditionally have held our own Sound-In Film Festival during that weekend.

Here's how to participate:

  • Create Your Own Video
  • Add Original Sound Track
  • Upload to YouTube or other Platform
  • Post in the Event Thread (use the media link button)

Participation is optional - we will have a regular event otherwise.
Be sure to get permission to use any copyrighted or non-original materials.
No prizes or awards given out (lack of budget) - but there are bragging rights!

Don't let the sun get in your eyes!

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The Rise (and Fall) of Icarus

On theme.  The Greek Myth of Icarus journey to touch the Sun.  Great event and pieces this weekend everyone.

Bruce Hamilton, Roger Sundström (mix Steve Layton)
It Could Have Been Better

Gentlest I've heard Bruce play :) very spacial and Roger's close mic guitar balances great.  No 'it could have NOT been better', this is lovely Steve :)

FakeNews by Chris Vaisvil

FakeNews Sanatized by Chris Vaisvil

These are both nice Chris.  You're 'social commentary' this weekend, like it!  I qoute something Paul said on our next WONM interview with Joe Benzola, 'art should reflect the times and at times angrily' and I'm paraphrasing here.

Thank you Jim!

Just a quick reminder - the event will remain open through Sunday, 2-19-17 because of the long weekend.

Kavin Allenson, Chris Vaisvil, Jim Goodin (mix Steve Layton)

Paul Mimlitsch, Steve Layton (mix Steve Layton)

This rocks Steve!  Great groove.

to the Sun

This is a violin improv from this afternoon processed in Paulstretch.

Jim Goodin, Paul Muller (mix Steve Layton)


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