Welcome to this week's Sound-In Event!

Our theme this week is Sun - anything and everything solar.  So feel free to go spacey, hot or just sunny - it's all good.

Our event this week will run through Saturday into early Sunday because of the US President's Day long weekend.  We're expecting rain here so all the more reason to focus on making music about better weather!

Special Note!

The Academy Awards take place next week and we traditionally have held our own Sound-In Film Festival during that weekend.

Here's how to participate:

  • Create Your Own Video
  • Add Original Sound Track
  • Upload to YouTube or other Platform
  • Post in the Event Thread (use the media link button)

Participation is optional - we will have a regular event otherwise.
Be sure to get permission to use any copyrighted or non-original materials.
No prizes or awards given out (lack of budget) - but there are bragging rights!

Don't let the sun get in your eyes!

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Paul H. Muller
Sun Bridge

More stretched string music, segmented and ordered by weather patterns.

The server is making new versions every 8 hours at


Sunshine and Shade (lyrics by Dale Houstman)

Probably a bit out of sync with things here, but it seems to go with the theme..

The first thing I recorded this month for the RPM Challenge, with borrowed words from Dale Houstman.

She Has It All (Sunshine and Shade)
She has it all.
Her words that count
It’s down to the beauty
I’m drowning in doubt.
There were no questions
No secret trades.
Sunshine and shade.
A victory blaze, a woman too.
Goo goo goo joob.
The deepening of the magnitude.
Address unknown.
Address unknown.
Her manifold
Presence becomes
Something star beckoned
Somewhere the Sun
She has it all.
Her words that count
It’s down to the beauty
I’m drowning in doubt.
There were no questions
No secret trades.
Sunshine and shade.
Sunshine and shade.
Sunshine and shade.

Wow, Kavin and Dale in the same space! (I've known Dale since before 2000, in the old poetry usenet newsgroup.) Cool.

Yeah thanks Steve! More to come I hope..

Kavin this is nice and you continue to remind me of late Johnny Hartford in voice.  How'd you ever find this guy Dale Houstman?  I never heard of him and googled and pretty interesting guy.  You know'em all!

Bill Newbold
jvoid now 1

I know there is fun in the sun...

this one is from yesterday morning I hope to fall into the sun errr actually I usually just jump right into my supernova 2 --- and again tonight as I turn it on ... this minute work has been stretched into 2+ hours long as I am uploading that to archive.org

This image is the sun setting on a route one over pass with flag... poll.

under the sun of love time as all light beings are being light...

in the sun I sleep in the love I wake with light ever where I know I am

into the lights of time brighter then millons of supernovas in seasons of one

More light to soak up like the bright nights in the scattered sun of lights

Can I ever see some sight so bright the clouds won't smite the lights in this

never more ever so we can quote the running brook as it runs by speaking its book

the book of the running brook is long and never ends quotes in all by all and night fall..

Jeff Fairbanks

Sketch Camaro 2

Hello all you beautiful people!  Hope all is good,

Off topic. Another sketch...

SO!! this is very inspiring when I heard this I wanted to create a vast orchestration of music..At first hint of these sounds I wanted to make some kind of work where I used say... signaling instrumentation that are really device sounds from some sort of hospital ER machines.. then the rest just drifts into the work where these are what lead to my yearning to open musescore and just put it out on the screen.

It is when a song inspires me that I think about how I can inspire others ... -- this song is mostly very influential to my next work.===

Lovely and melancholy as always Jeff. Nice to have you join us.  Wish there had been time to say hello while I was in southern Cal this past fall.  Next time.

Bill Newbold

accidentally pressing the post button for the html button :( I have 15 minutes about

So the complete works here are on the blog I have

and If I don't finish my comments here in 15 minutes I will there 000 great :)

so these two works have equal works yet different edit forms on the blog

the first one has three layers of the same 55 seconds... two are like on either side of the center one with the side layers being 4.0 decibels lower and thirty to the left and thirty to the right..

the original is on the blog.

the other is a render and the record of similar performance is at blog but... they seem to be different speeds.

with multiple layers of the same song on itself the fullness is increases some how ,,,  but to say a song is more full then a similar song leads to what causes this which could just be a kind of compression of the audio of sorts.

Bill nice work, particularly jvoids.  Like the low Eno tones and the twists and turns you take.


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