Hey all. Here we are again, no specific theme in mind... but I'm sure ideas are rolling around in there & ready to come out and be shared. Have at it!

I do want to remind you all about Paul Muller's notice of our upcoming annual "filmfest":

The Academy Awards take place Feb 26 this year and we traditionally have held our own Sound-In Film Festival during the event of that weekend.  Here's how to participate:

  • Create Your Own Video
  • Add Original Sound Track
  • Upload to YouTube or other Platform
  • Post in the Event Thread (use the media link button)

Participation is optional - we will have a regular event otherwise.

Be sure to get permission to use any copyrighted or non-original materials.

No prizes or awards given out (lack of budget) - but there are bragging rights!

Bill Newbold will lead the way - but it is always fun at any level.

The Time to Plan and Get Started is Now!


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Old Skies New Eyes

Get in before the gates slam shut!

Nice sonic treatment on the groove Kavin.  Like the color and pulse plus title.

Shane W. Cadman


Almost missed it! A bit of a cold laid me out yesterday, but here more bass for you!

Bill Newbold




And some single line performance works with the layering's pre-rendered sounds that are played along side.

And with this video I did effort in the sound levels but it still is too loud.. ;( so just lower your sound volume index levels... --- really I did lesson the sounds.. to no avail...this is aforementioned video from last nite.

billnewbold_32 from bill newbold on Vimeo.

Shane Cadman, Jim Goodin, Kavin Allenson (mix Steve Layton)

Aaaaand that's it, people! Another Sound-In in the books, and my head's filled with crazy good stuff from you all. :-)  I'll be updating the final playlist soon; have a great week or two until we meet again in audio-space!


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