Sound-in event is celebrating Friday St. Patrick's day 3-16-17 to 3-18-17...

This event's theme is St Patrick's day and/or the intoxicatingly daze(days) of inebriated time spent,.. and or music made during or there of ...--- I marched in the 1980-1982 St Patrick's day parades in NYC the third time '82 I was featured in channel 7's news highlights coverage, of the parade that night. I was a senior in high school,.. so to me March 17th this Friday is memorable for me..and all the marching band routines I was in. Also of course any post is OK so don't worry if your not Irish or know a jig or two.

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Ok I am back where I volunteer and using their computer ... so tonight it is possible we pick up the computer as per the "boss" at work.. I presented yesterday at a crisis intervention training(CIT) for the police academy cadets -- it was great(really great I was pleased) but with that said, much has been going on at work and, time for getting the computer was and is limited. Although today we talked of getting over to the shop there and getting the computer.

This second work also made on the ipad and then uploaded to youtube out of garage band app with an image off the iPad --- as it seems to be jig-ish because of using a auto drum presets and such then mixing some together ... This might be the only song that really sounds irish as I am finding it hard to keep to the theme ... so the theme might just be a mood point this time.,,

I don't want to jump to the conclusion that I will have my computer tonite cause .. I did that yesterday already..--

i will get these song in MP3 upload ready =--= hopefully -- on the front page tonite.

Bill Newbold

this is another song made on Ipad,,..

Bill this is neat, kind of an industrial China.  Like the water color...

thanks yep it is very industrial I guess... I have been influenced by foetus and numb far too much things like front 242 and or front line assembly were common listening things in between the days of performance and throbbing gristle ... or psychic tv were basic audio digestion groups.. :)

I had seen nineinchnails first tour and also a ministry tour. in the early 90's

I will have the front page up.. both monitors going and I am on the computer --- it is back from the shop and working like it always has minus a 1000 gig hard drive === bringing me down to something like 2 teraquads of memory :)

the water color is a part of a series I made before when there was down time at work/volunteer place.

Shane W. Cadman


Not on theme this time (but with some drums for the bass). 

Paul H. Muller

Ides of March 2017 - 2

Off theme.  Another version of Ides of March 2017.

Doing some programming in Perl - going to see if I can sequence these pieces using information from the image files from webcams...

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

Fiddle Now

Patric Memory

Two soundscapes track

Jim Goodin

Paddy Turk

Gren Field

Playing the oud a bit this week after not in a while.  Couple of improvs in the spirit of the theme by way of Istanbul on an Egyptian oud.  Happy St Patty's Bill and everyone.  Neat memory in your intro Bill.

A Postcard from Trappist 1

by Chris Vaisvil

Roger Sundström, Jim Goodin, Paul Muller (mix Steve Layton)
From Root to Green

like the processing Steve.  Thanks for the inclusion.

I think I may have broken alonetone. I managed to sign up ok, replied to the confirmation email, and got access to the site. Tried to upload a track and immediately got an "internal server error", which I now get anytime I try to access the site - even from another computer.

Anybody else getting this?


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