Sound-in event is celebrating Friday St. Patrick's day 3-16-17 to 3-18-17...

This event's theme is St Patrick's day and/or the intoxicatingly daze(days) of inebriated time spent,.. and or music made during or there of ...--- I marched in the 1980-1982 St Patrick's day parades in NYC the third time '82 I was featured in channel 7's news highlights coverage, of the parade that night. I was a senior in high school,.. so to me March 17th this Friday is memorable for me..and all the marching band routines I was in. Also of course any post is OK so don't worry if your not Irish or know a jig or two.

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Bill Newbold
Romantic thoughts of China
bass synth piano-forte

as promised the four soundtracks to the movies I just downloaded and dropped their movie files into the audacity application and It grabbed the audio then I exported multiple tracks out and there they are.. after uploading to the blog.   I think I am doing the front page first then... going to jump into the supernova II and korg midi works.... after the front page > :)

Peace Out Bill

So far I made the frontpage and added a neat watercolor I made.
and now to go on to delve into the depths of supernova II wide angled vision quests in sound. :) See the sounds move thru the air and such :) way

Oh I tried to put the image in the fp with just drop and drag and lost all my work I guess somehow It was possible to recover but IDK I was at the bottom of the page --- so I put the list in a sorta reverse order with me at the top... either way I am ok :) just to get it to play on the same page with the audio player --- do we have an audio player in wordpress and or radio like interface we could set up for each event?

Bill I'll take a look at the code and fix. looks like things are not quite integrating right now.

Bill I have the front page fixed and added a by-line for your painting.  Everyone let me know if any errors.  I'll do a player archive after while and tag all on FB.

thanks I hope we don't have to use html and markup the front page :) thanks for the by line going to look and see... :) yeah that was another one of mine... I do like 40 flower paintings in an hour or so.. so just writing out my siggy on each work is more complex a problem then making the flowers ---

Chris Vaisvil, Steve Layton (mix Steve Layton)

Thanks for the recomposition Steve!

Bill Newbold
into the one real light of love

And from the work done documented here on my blog..

I will shut it down here on the east coast at .. midnight :) or about an hour from now...

I just updated things and I am still updating the songs... I am also looking at the html and not sure where what goes when... but It is ok.

as for the f flats beats and bass 1 - 01 and 1-02 they were just labeled that way by the export multiple and then the actual song has a different name

the four minute and 37 second song is called -f- flats beats n base 1
the ten minute song given I think the same file name label but iterated by one is called "I have an Idea 3F copy" these of course were mixed in the winding road of file conversions and uploads and downloading and copying and such... =--= none the less I will attempt an edit in the front page for this cause I lost the 15 minute window to edit these things.

This next song was an experiment that had feed from the wireless router going into the right side channel signal that was recorded... this was eliminated and as such I may work with the router but at some latter date.  I tried all sorts of things to stop the router doing then then just hardwired the net into the computer and turned it off.  ----


and it is the midnight hour :)

signing off
signal is down
end source codes
frequency zero
Null set closed
the end
quod erat demonstrandum


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