Hi there,

This is my first Sound-In event and I hope you all have a nice music weekend.

Theme this time is Isolated & Intermittent and you can freely have that picture in your mind when you create your piece :-)

And off we go :-)

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Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

New Music

I´m off the road and in a nice holidays with wine and good food, hope that I did right with how to starting up this event.

I have my trusted Roland Edirol R-09 with me and here is my first track.

Ha New Music // Nice very nice --- I can just imagine what the images are from this situation. :)



Hi Roger!

Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

Pip Music

Norbert Oldani

Sound Art for an Isolated Graph   ( " Sound Art for an Isolated Graph "  is my sound art setting of Michael Haffka's graphic score, "Solo Theremin" graphic score (2014)Watercolor . My setting is via
Kyma, Yamaha's Motif module and Reason&Record. )

Ken Ficara

Wait Less

I am a contrarian today; I'm feeling less isolated and intermittent than I have for some time. Have been waiting too long for days like this (playing, writing, Sounding In). Feeling a surprisingly heavy work load lifted. Enjoying the physics and free fall of SevenEves.

This is a Moog Voyager and a Teenage Engineering OP-1 (the latter played via MIDI from the former), both running through a set of filters controlled by the Moog's long envelope filter. After a minute and a half or so, the harmonica comes in -- simple diatonic melodies played live along with the synths -- pitch-shifted and with its own filter also CV'd by the Moog. 

All played live, albeit with one clumsy edit. Also on Soundcloud is an earlier version without harmonica, should anyone feel like remixing. 

I think you must have this one in download mode on Soundcloud or else our player here can't get the file.

Nice, Ken! You think you might change the SoundCloud track options to allow downloading?

Sorry, I was offline yesterday but it's fixed now. I keep forgetting that!

Paul H. Muller

Fruhling Feld II

Off theme. More stretched and sequenced ambient. Length alert - 18 min

Image result for fruhling feld worpswede

thank you.

Sequenced ambient is what I like ... sometimes it is just ... so pleasant 

Thank you!


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