Hi gang! Time to share some music and sound again, whatever you want is all up to you. Let's just warm up the old amplifier and see what drifts in...

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Steve Layton

The Drop

Jim Goodin


Hey Steve glad you are hosting this one! neat graphic as well.  Recorded this few min ago in same technique I was using on some of the recent RPM trax except lap steel this time.  Recorded 4 isolated trax, imported in to my Pure Data home grown, slowed down and mixed live and tweaked.  Where's Paul? He always leads the party.

Paul H. Muller
Sun Bridge - 6

Another version of this based on weather patterns in Europe. Mixed two sets together.

Norbert Oldani

Panorama #4 - from a Miniature    "Panorama #4 - from a Miniature" is my composed music setting of Mark Zimmerman's photo of his artwork, "Inyan in Sun & Space" . The setting is via Motif,ReasonRecord and Kyma; the music includes new material and some re - worked from about 25 years ago. 


Thanks Ben !

Norbert Oldani IN Mark's own words:

Benjamin Smith


Paul Mimlitsch

- bass clarinet/ pedals: actions/ reactions/ interactions

Hi all. Listening now, and have updated the main page playlist.

Shane W. Cadman


Another bass improv (with Lexicon Reflex)


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