Hi gang! Time to share some music and sound again, whatever you want is all up to you. Let's just warm up the old amplifier and see what drifts in...

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Roger "ErocNet" Sundström




Paul Mimlitsch
"disjointed familiarity breakage"

- guitar/ pedals

Paul Mimlitsch

- guitar/ pedals

a vessel upon a strange sea by Chris Vaisvil

Roger Sundström x 2, Jim Goodin, Chris Vaisvil (mix Steve Layton)
Old Soldiers Never Die

Roger Sundström, Kavin Allenson, Chris Vaisvil (mix Steve Layton)
After the Storm

You may wonder where you are, Chris, but that main melody is a MIDI line derived from your "Residue" track. :-)

Tin Man Dreams (feat. Kavin Allenson and Jim Goodin. Mash by Jim Goodin)

I took Kavin's Dream Home and a started-to-post solo lap steel improv of mine, slowed both and mashed and kept thinking of the Wizard of Oz and the Tin Man.

Coming up on 7pm here on the West Coast, time to wrap up another SI weekend. You all never fail to surprise and tickle the ear. :-) Thanks for coming, down the road we go...


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