Sound-In event November 10-12 starts now - theme - song length.

An we are Off ... going into the weekend - Sound - In Event for November 10th into 12th. My "plan" for the topic or theme is a focus on the length of the song. The length would be a 45 length so === 45 second improv. or a 4 minutes 50 seconds improve or a 45 minute epic journey ... the choice is yours or anything off topic is accepted as well.  Also there could be a poem about the number 45 as well maybe?  we will see how this goes,,

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Paul H. Muller
Fair - 1

Image result for fair weather icon

Off theme...  More indeterminate, randomly sequenced music.  Upped the tempo to 100 BPM and went a little wild with the syncopation in some of the segments.  

Paul your techniques are really evolving.  Really nice interplay in the rhythms and the sound fonts you have been using recently particularly after explaining that to me a bit in our visit, are really sounding great!

Bill Newbold

Having visions of a sleeping bear here Bill :)

Norbert Oldani

Miniature Rapids   (" Miniature Rapids"   is my composed music setting of a photo I made in 2013 ? in Deerfield Hill about one mile from Utica, New York. The setting is via Motif,Reason and Kyma.)

Interesting synthetic strings Norbert. Very real and neat beginning!

Shane W. Cadman

Piece111116 - Side A

Piece111116 - Side B

Not on theme in terms of length, except that both of these could fit on a 45. They were made with the SH-101.

James Bailey
Four Tea Five

Four little tenor sax thingies.

Off theme. 

This is more anxiety and relative calm and anxiety I guess.

Benjamin Smith



Cloud Surfer

Not on theme, just some rehearsing for loopfest this weekend, although I think cloud surfer is 4:50 in length.

Kavin Allenson, Shane Cadman, Roger Sundström (mix Steve Layton)
Getting It Out

Jim Goodin
My Body My Choice

Hey everyone. This is a mix of an environmental recording I made the other night at the NYC Donald Trump protest on Nov 9. It was the live chant of 'my body my choice' gradually processed and segued to processed oud trax.


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