Sound-In event November 10-12 starts now - theme - song length.

An we are Off ... going into the weekend - Sound - In Event for November 10th into 12th. My "plan" for the topic or theme is a focus on the length of the song. The length would be a 45 length so === 45 second improv. or a 4 minutes 50 seconds improve or a 45 minute epic journey ... the choice is yours or anything off topic is accepted as well.  Also there could be a poem about the number 45 as well maybe?  we will see how this goes,,

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Bill Newbold
forty five 1
forty five 2

so by changing the tempo of a song to the "length" 290 seconds it comes to a 4:50 min song :) the first song here I sorta eyed to see if I could just fly in and make the 4 min 50 sec song but nope not happening the second song is that key length..+++ 4:50

front page coming momentarily as and tie up loose ends along the way... 0000

Okay Bill and everyone the front page is updated and I have built the listening archive which I'll post on FB shortly.  Let me know if corrections.


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