Community is the theme for this week.  I know there isn't much notice, but anyway this theme is all about what Sound-In is for me anyway.  The video is from Buenos Aires in Argentina where I was last week (Thanks Steve for taking my slot) and I was blown away by all the music making everywhere.  It's so joyous and I wish I had more physical music making with community like that in my life.  Sound-In is that for those of us that want to share electronic music with like minded musicians from all over.  You are my peeps if you don't mind me saying so!  

So show your community spirit, wave the giant Sound-In flag and contribute, listen, remix, whatever.  I am always happy to be a part of it.  I know it's kind of early, but hey, why not....

Best,  Jeff Fairbanks

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Argh! I keep setting that as the default and it keeps ignoring me. Fixed.

Nice to have you back Ken!

Nice to be back. Improves my Saturday mornings!

Paul Mimlitsch


bass clarinet/ reverb improv.

Paul Muller, Jeff Fairbanks, Paul Mimlitsch, Roger Sundström, Chris Vaisvil (mix Steve Layton)
Friday Evening Commute

this sounds so so friendly 

very nice mix and performances :)

Benjamin Smith, Shane Cadman, Christiane Offenbar (mix Steve Layton)
Von den Menschen

Adding in a couple tracks from last week's ImprovFriday event.

Great mix!

relax your feet   by Chris Vaisvil

Justifications Don't Heal Communities ~ Justin H Brierley & Shane Cadman

I was struck by the beauty of Shane's piece and inspired by Steve's street sounds. I took some field recordings that I made in Peru and served them up three ways to accompany Shane's work. A recording of a quiet village in the morning is played both unaltered and through the app CS Spectral, and sounds from a small bus station were placed in BorderLands. 

Bill Newbold

I am with us 1

I am with us 2

I will have more music soon.

These two works are from yesterday and were performed at about 17 minutes after 3 am.

I have posted the longer and more elaborate works at the blog ... here and also the link for my name.  This blog mostly contains everything I have developed in the past year.  It is all open to inclusion in other works, mashes or anything.

I am composing now ... In loop formation as well as midi cable to machine loops.  Tonight I bought midi connections that use blue tooth and work with my iPad.  I will get them in the mail in a few days.  

J.C. Combs 

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