Community is the theme for this week.  I know there isn't much notice, but anyway this theme is all about what Sound-In is for me anyway.  The video is from Buenos Aires in Argentina where I was last week (Thanks Steve for taking my slot) and I was blown away by all the music making everywhere.  It's so joyous and I wish I had more physical music making with community like that in my life.  Sound-In is that for those of us that want to share electronic music with like minded musicians from all over.  You are my peeps if you don't mind me saying so!  

So show your community spirit, wave the giant Sound-In flag and contribute, listen, remix, whatever.  I am always happy to be a part of it.  I know it's kind of early, but hey, why not....

Best,  Jeff Fairbanks

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Jeff Fairbanks


Another bug song and video.  I've included the link to the music as well as the embedded video just in case. ;)

Thanks for being here!

Shopping for a Community by Chris Vaisvil

Paul H. Muller

Antenna 9-29-15

Another version of this piece as sequenced from NYSE stock market prices on 9-29-15.  Improved the code so that the piece automatically now has fade-in at the beginning and fade-out at the end.

Length Alert! - this is 20 min long.

Norbert Oldani

The Island Community of Wind, Trees and Foliage     ( "The Island Community of Wind,Trees, Sea and Foliage" is my music setting, ( an experimental form ) of Kalai Selvan's photo of his acrylic and oil on canvas painting," Nature&Beyond".My setting is via Ilio's Symphony of Voices, a DX7IID and Reason. My counterpoint was controlled by Kyma. )

Norbert Odani

Brooding   ( "Brooding" is my music setting of Nick Freestone's photo of Bassenthwaite Lake in England.  The setting is via my Haiku, composed material for Motif , considerable Kyma sound processing and my counterpoint which used Record.


Truly, earth's travail
As the essence of nature
A pregnant landscape.    )

Shane W. Cadman


At first I couldn't think of how to make an improv that fit the theme. Then I started thinking about the community (and communities) around me, picked up the guitar and started recording. As I started improvising the first track (on the left side), I realized that I was deeply affected by the shooting yesterday at Umpqua Community College in Oregon. I think some of that emotion showed up here. I then improvised the part on the right over it and added some reverb on the final mix. I think there is both lament and hope in here.



Roger "ErocNet" Sundström

My City

Steve Layton & FreeSound


A mix of a bunch of different FreeSound samples, of crowds and parades from all over the world.

Broken Bells - Ken Ficara

My first contribution in some time to Sound-In; hoping to recommit and reconnect with a wonderful community.

This started as a single bell tone, looped so it became continuous. Used it as an external sound source for a very simple Moog improv. Layered the loop again, this time "playing" the loop speed(looperemin), and finally added a loop of the tone through via cycling resonant filters (MURF).

Cool, Ken! ...If you want it to be used in any mash-ups, you'll need to edit the Soundcloud track info to allow downloads.


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