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Basic rules/instructions/FAQ

Sound-In is a social network for serious musicians with an online open source event held once a week. Each week a Sound-In event commences at 5 pm Thursday, PST, concluding at 6 pm Saturday, PST. 

Note: We use an embedded media player on the site. Just look for the blue tab at the bottom of any page; click it and you'll see a playlist for all the tracks on the page.  Happy music making and listening!

Rules of the Weekly Sound-In Event
1. All tracks (improvisations, sketches, works) submitted should be shared to each week's online event via a public link on an outside storage site, e.g., dropbox, alonetone, etc.
2. If you don't want your tracks used for collaboration or remixes, type NMC ("no mix/collaboration") in your announcement. You must agree that any track uploaded at Sound-In, unless marked NMC, becomes licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License.
3. If you use other musicians' SI tracks for a mix, please cite whose tracks you used. If it's not a Sound-In participant's mix then it's your call, but please respect copyrights, etc.
4. Not so good: straight pop songs, sappy crap, 15-minute blues jams... Sound-In was started by new-music composers, improvisers and sound artists. If you don't know the distinction, you're probably in the wrong place (but we wish you well elsewhere!). The best thing is to spend a little time first, following one of the latest SI session forum threads; read how we chat, see how tracks are posted, and listen to the type of work presented.


1. Join the site! (Please note that, even if we sometimes use band or stage names for other work, here we tend to use and know each other by our real names.)
2. Improvise or compose a dedicated work for Sound-In.
3. Upload your track to your own webhost, or a service such as, then post/link the work to the forum's Sound-In event thread. Details/tutorial here.
4. If you are signed up at major social networks, such as Twitter or Facebook, feel free to post there as well, but remember to spread the Sound-In name. At Facebook, please type in "Sound-In" anywhere in the description. For Twitter, simply type #sound-in


Q:  What can I do once I sign up?

A:  Create a page and customize it to your liking.  Create a bio, post links, playlists, etc.  Post blogs, upload videos, photos, peruse and chat with other people via their page or visit "The Wall" (see the top bar of page) and chat there. 

Q: What's going on at the event?
A: Sharing our improvisations, collaborations and dedicated compositions.

Q: What time does the event start and finish?
A: Thursday at roughly 5 PM Pacific Time (subject to change) and ends at 5 PM Pacific Time Sat.

A: How do I get on the Sound-In front page Audio Program/Playlist?
Q: You get on the SI audio program by posting here at SI in the event thread of the given week.


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