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Steve Layton, December 2014

Born 1956 in Pasco, Washington (US), a typical farming/railroad semi-desert town (except for the Hanford nuclear reactor on the other side of the river -- producer of the material that went into the Nagasaki bomb), Steve Layton spent your average boyhood music career making weird sounds inside his family's piano, singing Led Zeppelin and Rolling Stones covers in junior-high-school rock bands, but then mysteriously falling under the spell of Stravinsky, Messiaen and King Crimson. After that there was never any doubt that what he wanted to do more than anything else in the world was compose... So badly in fact, that he neglected to graduate from high school...In college a month later (after some strong teacher recommendations and a quick G.E.D.), first at The Evergreen State College (w/ Greg Steinke, William Winden, Barney Childs, Morton Subotnick, Gordon Mumma), then The University of Idaho (Greg Steinke, William Billingsley, Barney Childs, Pauline Oliveros) he navigated the realms of composition, performance and especially analog electronic music. With a strong interest as well in history, poetry and visual art, much of his college activity was cross-disciplinary.After a post-college stint in the U.S. Air Force as a member of a nuclear missile launch crew, coming to Seattle in 1983 he began a string of concert appearances at On the Boards, Soundwork, 911, New Music America, Bumbershoot and Nippon Kan, often collaborating with dancers and videographers. Layton essentially stopped live performances in 1990, spending the time from then to now exploring both electronic and "virtual orchestral" composition, as well as new ways the internet can facilitate distribution, networking, and concertizing of new music for the independent musician.What some would see as "eclecticism", Layton sees as the eternal "now"; that each person is a kind of vortex moving through all that ever was, reaching through time, place and…Continue

Started by J.C. Combs Jan 7, 2015.

James Bailey, November 2014

"I an improvisor, pure and simple. The seeds of music theory that were planted by Mr. Baird in grade 6 did not find fertile ground. I have a keen interest in listening however, and managed to develop means to create sounds that I find interesting. The fact that others do also is a major bonus. Many of the things I do involve electronics, either for sound creation or its manipulation, but acoustic sources are also a significant portion of the sonic palette. The discovery of contact microphones many years ago opened up a whole new realm and made manipulation of otherwise unheard sounds so much easier. My favourite explanation of my modus operandi is "I like to be as surprised as my audience." - James BaileyJames BaileyContinue

Started by J.C. Combs Dec 4, 2014.

J.C. Combs, October 2014

J.C. Combs (born 1970) is a Seattle-based neoteric composer. His works include “Charmed Elixirs” from 2008 (Sequenza21 described it as “antique poise and luminescence recalled in a disturbing dream from just last night”), “Bats in the Belfry” from 2009, “Safe Passage” on the premiere Russian label Electroshock Records from 2010 which has been featured on Max Shea’s “Martian Gardens” (WMUA 91.1FM Amherst and online), Don Campau’s “No Pigeonholes” program (KOWS FM Sonoma and online) “Solta a Franga” (Netherleands), The Mystery Lesson –radio show presented by Daniel Spicer. 97.2FM in Brighton, UK, “WWSP”, Program “Ambient Aether/Space Continuum”, Aural Innovations Space Rock Radio (show #249) and more; Jane Martin” from 2010 (video excerpt of a piece set to dance at BEAF), “Minstrel Nomadic” from 2010, “File Under: Misc.” (an ongoing album of misc. works featuring many artists), and “Rings of Saturn” – 2010. Combs also participated in the international event 60X60, 2010 – Magenta Mix. In 2011, Combs released “Confessions of a Deviant Machine,” a collaboration with Lee Noyes on the label Con-V, which was included in “Spiritual Archives” magazine year-end favorites of 2011 and Acts of Silence magazine top 100 netlabel releases of 2011. 2012 brought the release of “The Chrome Castle and an Overgrown Lawn” on his independent label Cellar Door Records. In the summer of 2013, Combs released the EP “Gazing” on the Spectropol label, which has been featured on radio programs including Max Shea’s “Martian Gardens” (WMUA 91.1FM Amherst and online) and Don Campau’s “No Pigeonholes” program (KOWS FM Sonoma and online) and Miniature Minotaurs with Kurt Gottschalk (WFMU 91.1 FM in New York and 90.1 FM in the Hudson Valley). Gazing is also the soundtrack for some great choreography by Susan Haines with performances in Bellingham WA. More performances in early 2014 will include even more music from Combs. In the fall of 2014, Combs…Continue

Started by J.C. Combs Nov 1, 2014.

Carla Patterson, September 2014 1 Reply

Carla PattersonContinue

Started by J.C. Combs. Last reply by William V Newbold Sep 5, 2014.

Norbert Oldani, August 2014

musical interest/favorite musicianBirth: Detroit, Michigan, U.S.A. in 1936.Education:1. Master’s Degree (Mathematics) from the University of Detroit.2. Undergraduate music study at Columbia University.3. Graduate music study at SUNY in Buffalo,New York.Performing Interests:Piano, choir, electronic machines.Compositions for my own lectures and demonstrations presented for clubs, church groups, professional associations in New York state. Lectured several times a year in the Music Humanities classes at Mohawk Valley Community College, in Utica, New York.Four works were used by R.S.Thomson and the Georgis State University Galleries for their International Exhibition��/ of Sound Art - Pulse Field.Composition for Other Music in San Francisco, California . Article,”Classical Techniques Revisited” published in the Journal of the Just Intonation NetworkCompositions for the program “Playing It by Ear” which wasa weekly series on station WCVF in Fredonia, New York(1987).Some pieces were broadcast on Miguel Azguime’s public radio program,”Miso Music Portugal” from Parede,Portugal. The radio program was sponsored by ISCM. Six compositions were aired on Neva Pilgrim’s program,Fresh Ink which is partially sponsored by the Society for New Music on WCNY-FM,Syracuse,N.Y. Feb.,1999 She also played some electronic portraits July 19, 2002 , a "Set of Miniatures" on July 16,2006 and parts of "Ceremonial Rituals" on July 15,2007 and "Choral Abstraction" and "Resurrection" inthe summer of 2009. ”Isaiah Said” for Caos->Sonsocp in their project ,“Festival Zeppelin”, in Barcelona,Spain in late winter Feb.-March 2004,Piano improvisations of hymn songs before Sunday mornings services since Jan.,2012.Continue

Started by J.C. Combs Aug 3, 2014.

Benjamin Smith, July 2014

Benjamin SmithContinue

Started by J.C. Combs Jul 10, 2014.


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