Meet the society For ShortY new music, or, short music Saved mY liFe.

I moved from West coast to East, to a new life without much music.  My focus turned towards the internet because as social media was getting popular, I wanted to see what was happening with music in that space.  I heard about NetNewMusic and Steve Moshier’s shorties group within.  On my first visit to the group, a minute-a-day gauntlet was thrown down by (I think) Dan Stearns.  A bunch of us (you know who you are) lasted more than a month each uploading a one minute piece a day.  Every day for me was about getting my minute done, listening, and getting inspiration for the next day.

Fast forward to now, some of the remnants of that original trip along with other like-minded souls have a home on facebook as the society For ShortY new music.  We have done our own events, but the idea for us to infiltrate sound-in was floated.  I feel it apropos for the society to dry our panties on the rod of Sound-In.  It feels full circle to me.

Anyway, short pieces from the society will be infiltrating Sound-In during the February 20 – 22 event and roughly four times a year after that as long as we behave ourselves.  I will suggest our pieces for the first event be <60 in memory of that project that got me involved, and also eventually introduced me to ImprovFriday/Sound-In.  Most of our troupe is known to the Sound-In community, but welcome them anyway!  We look forward to a future of bright co-existence and co-inspiration!

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Comment by J.C. Combs on January 31, 2014 at 10:50pm

Looking forward to the Infiltration!  :)  Glad this has come to fruition.  

Comment by Steve Moshier on January 31, 2014 at 8:43pm

Fuck Shit Yeah!

Comment by Norbert Oldani on January 31, 2014 at 3:54pm

Jeff, I wiLL do A JIFFY !

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